Thursday, 3 February 2011

ok so much stuff is going down around 19th May 2013

firstly the first tower of the new trade centre is scheduled to be completed in May, i don't think its a coincidence that people are making threats around the same time the centre of a world disaster is finished, it's like putting a red rag infront of a bull.

i read some religious stuff as well that people have been posting. 5th of May in 2013 is Easter, 14 days before the event happens. there are theories that the 19th of may will be the second coming of jesus. personally i don't think this is true, i'm not really a believer but if you consider the number of people that must be behind something like this there must be like a mass group so i'm looking at the major religions and the cults. i mean look what scientology has done, how christianity has spread. i'm not accusing them but i'm giving examples of how ideas can only come from something so big

third, and this one is freaky. apparently there is going to be massive solar activity around 2013 and its gonna hit us hard, there's gonna be a mass rise in temperatures across the planets surface... lot of people have said stuff about the polar ice caps melting, climate change and global warming all that could happen.this one to me seems more likely than the second coming of jesus.

fourth theories on world war three. couldn't be bothered to read some of those theories about it, but again alot of it talks about pressure from trade groups and big companies all centred around this event happening. i'm keeping anything i can for the moment. i went to the pub this afternoon and asked if they had any notes with weird writing on them nothing came up. might be a research project...

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


holy fucking shit

a while a go i posted some crap about someone vandalising my bin. right?
today i got change back and on the fiver was the words expect us. i thought it was a bit odd but there were numbers as well. got home and they were the same freaking numbers.


i put it into google and holy shit there are thousands of theories flying around about this. mostly american but its in europe and japan as well.
something is gonna happen then, and someone is trying to warn people or threaten them something like that.
its like twin towers all over again.

i'm gonna do some more research later on today. if you know anything about this please email me.
i can't post pics of the note cause its fraud.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

seriously people need to find something better to do round here.

either last night or this morning some tit has written expect us on my bin with a bunch of numbers.
seriously i used to go to school with people who thought tagging was fun but looks like the gang mentality has gone to there heads.

borrow the new linkin park album off of someone today, my god it is shite. what happened to those fags? its gartbage seriously. apparently chester is in the new saw film. might go and see that to watch the fucktard get sliced for producing such crap.

gunna get some shut eye

Peace out.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Inbox (520)


All of you who keep spamming me with links please stop.
I keep getting hundreds of emails. Stop asking me to follow you.

peace out

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

burger king > everything

Had a Whopper for the first time in ages

I came all over the seats shit was awesome

Fuck you mcdonalds